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The Therapist

Adrienne Fast: C.M.T., R.M.T., C.L.C., NLPP, CHT

Adrienne Fast has been a licensed Massage therapist since 2006 and is certified wit
h the state of California. She is also a Certified Reiki Master, Life and Wellness Coach, NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist and former Therapeutic Fitness Trainer.

After incurring severe health challenges herself and being forced to find her own way back to health, without the aid of traditional medicine, she spent years taking classes on natural health and wellness and educating herself on holistic healing modalities through formal college, individualized study, and working with and mentoring under numerous incredible teachers, coaches, mentors, natural doctors and healers. She utilized Oriental Medicine/Acupuncture/Herbal & Vitamin Therapy, Physical Therapy, Upper Cervical Chiropractic, Corrective Massage, Energetic Healing, Therapeutic Fitness Rehabilitation, Life and Wellness Coaching, NLP, Hypnosis, Detoxification and a healthy nourishing diet, to return a state of wholeness and health.

During the years spent balancing her own health, she wanted to take that experience to help empower others to heal and experience life to the fullest, so she began taking steps towards the fitness and healing arts again. First, she became a Personal Fitness trainer and Wellness Coach in 1999 and specialized in working primarily on a therapeutic level with clients to help them restore their own strength, vitality form and function. However, that was just the beginning. She continued her education in the health sciences and natural healing, through college, continuing education courses and personal research, but felt that she needed to have a mor
e transformative combination on a structural, mental, energetic and emotional level.

She became certified in Reiki over the years and had gained her third level Reiki Master attunement in 2005, which helped to strengthen her ability to aid in the healing and balancing process of others on an energetic level. "We are bioenergetic beings, so to balance and enhance our field of energy within and around the body, when necessary, can definitely be an integral part of the healing process, stress relief and many other benefits."

With a great love and respect for the innate healing capacity of the body, she took the ne
xt step along the healing path to explore additional hands on methods of healing in, massage therapy (massotherapy) and additional energetic modalities. There she was able to utilize what she had learned through, both her formal college education, fitness therapy, energetic work and through personal development. She coupled that with her massage training and intuition in order to encourage positive healing and functional changes in her clients' body/mind/spirit.

Adrienne continuously advances her education and techniques in order to enhance her practice and the service she provides. She also loves teaching and inspiring people, in order to support them on their health and wellness journey. In fact she left her position as a Massage Therapy Instructor at San Joaquin Valley College, a number of years ago, in order to both continue her personal Corrective Massage Therapy practice and also to speak to audiences about life enhancing topics such as: Energy enhancement, Wellness, and Personal Development.

She loves many forms of Bodywork, Energy Healing and Personal Development techniques and may integrate many of them into your treatment sessions, in order to provide the most effective, personalized, healing results and benefits, on any or all 4 levels (Structural, Mental, Emotional and Energetic). This treatment program provides not only stress and pain relief, but also structural, functional and energetic balance, as needed, in addition to all the other well-known health benefits that corrective massage therapy, alone, provides!

Adrienne believes in working with you as a "whole person" in order to help promote the most positive and effective healin
g experience possible. “This work can be life-changing and should not be rushed or forced.” It should not be “painful”, but should be nurturing and liberating! “When our body is restricted, and our energy is blocked, so is our mind and many things within our lives.”

“Free your body and mind of stress and restriction and you can truly begin to experience life to it’s fullest!”